5th Jul 2018

Easily Update Your Website Using WordPress Content Management System (CMS)

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Here at Get Noticed Locally, we use a Content Management System (CMS) called WordPress to power all of the websites we design. In this article we will define what is meant by a CMS and how it benefits our customers. What is a Content Management System? A Content Management System or CMS is the software installed on your website that enables you to easily create, edit, organize and publish content on the web. With a CMS you can create multiple use [...]

4th Jul 2018

Having a New Website Will Save Your Business Money

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When you think about having a new website developed for your business you may think of it as a big unnecessary expense. However if you choose a competent and affordable web designer, a new website should soon pay for itself in the additional enquiries/leads it generates for your business and will save you money on other forms of advertising such as print media. Your Business Needs a Website Here are some reasons why your business needs a website [...]

2nd Jul 2018

Importance of Tracking Conversions on Google Ads

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If you are using Google Ads (previously Google AdWords) to drive paid traffic to your website, it's very important you set up conversion tracking so that you can monitor what actions the visitor takes on your website after clicking on your advert. We offer a Google Ads Management Service in Hull and set up conversion tracking for customers as part of this service. In this article we discuss what is meant by a 'conversion' and what the benefits of [...]

11th Oct 2016

Does Website Speed Matter For Company Websites in Hull & East Yorkshire?

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Site loading speed is an important factor that determines how well your website ranks on search engines such as Google. It is becoming increasingly more important for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Just as important though is that having a fast loading web site increases your customer experience and will encourage your customers to read more information on your website and they are therefore more likely to contact your company or buy products [...]

9th Jun 2016

Calls to Action Can Convert Your Website Visitors to Customers

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Once you have attracted potential customers to your website it is important that you keep them for a short while as studies show that websites that are not attractive and difficult to navigate will turn customers away quickly and customers will look elsewhere. It is also very important that your website clearly sets out the services that you are offering your customers. The most important part of your online advertising though is your call to act [...]

12th Apr 2016

Getting Reviews on Your Google Business Page

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If you are one of our many local business customers, you will already know about the importance of setting up a Google My Business Page for your company. And you will of course know about the importance of reviews on Google Plus and reviews more generally. Google My Business is free and helps you manage how your company or service appears in numerous Google products including search and maps.  If you want to be found on Google, you really should [...]

26th Nov 2015

Webinar and Web Conferencing in Hull & East Yorkshire

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As well as providing great and affordable web design, hosting, SEO, email services and marketing for businesses in Hull and East Yorkshire we have recently started offering web conferencing services, better known as Webinars. Webinars are an affordable way for businesses to offer training online and are expected to be the most popular way of offering such training in the future and also offer businesses an interactive way of talking to customers. [...]

10th Oct 2015

Is Your Company’s Website Mobile Responsive?

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In Hull and East Yorkshire more Google searches now happen on mobile devices than on computers. It is therefore important that your local business website is consistent across all devices and even more importantly if your business web site is not optimised as mobile friendly your SEO experience will be harmed when customers are searching on Google for your business. This has been a recent and totally understandable change by Google as so many cus [...]

2nd Oct 2015

Adding E-commerce To Your Website

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If you are a business in Hull, East Yorkshire and you want to add e-commerce to your web site do get in touch.  We specialise in e-commerce and web design and can easily add an online shop to your current website.  If you are getting visitors to your website why not sell from your site as well. For example one of clients, Pixlocks who are a leading locksmith company delivering services to all of their customers in Hull and East Yorkshire – both d [...]

19th Jul 2015

Ask Us To Create You a Blog

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Here at Get Noticed Locally we provide a ‘blog’ or ‘latest news’ or ‘special offers’ or whatever you may decide to call this on your web site, free as part of our service to our customers who choose our web site design and hosting company in Hull and East Yorkshire. A blog displaying your latest news is great for your customers but even better for search engines such as Google, Bing etc. We can ensure that changes to your blog appear on your main [...]