Google Adwords

Use Pay-Per-Click Advertising to Ensure Your Website Appears at the Top of Google

Google Adwords Campaigns in Hull & East Yorkshire

Every business with a website wants their website to climb to the top of Google as quickly as possibly. Unfortunately, especially for brand new websites, this process can happen gradually over a period of months or even years. If you are looking for more immediate results then this can be achieved by using Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing.

You may notice when performing a search on Google that often the top few websites have ‘Ad’ written next to them. These are Pay-Per-Click (PPC) adverts and, as the name suggests, the companies listed here pay an amount every time somebody clicks on their advert and goes on their website. These adverts are set up using a platform called Google Adwords.

You may be tempted to set up a Google Adwords account yourself and manage your own adverts, however doing so can be quite a daunting and time consuming task. Google Adwords is a very powerful tool with lots of features and if you don’t have any experience setting up Google Adwords campaigns you probably won’t get as good value for your money as you would if you outsourced to an expert. This is where we can help.

How We Can Help

We run successful Google Adwords campaigns for many of our clients. We are experienced in setting up campaigns which make good use of keywords, bids, adverts and ad extensions to ensure you get the best possible value from your budget. While the idea of paying for clicks sounds like it could get expensive, we have always found it be very effective in bringing in extra work for businesses. The great thing about Google Adwords is that it can be set up to just bring in extra work for specific services you offer and can easily be turned on or off which means it can be used as strategy to just bring in extra work during quiet periods.