How We Work

Details of how we work and what you can expect of us

Just to make clear exactly what you can expect from us, here are details of how we work. We like to be as up front as possible with our clients and not hide anything in the fine print. We feel the following are very reasonable and are what you would expect from a company such as ourselves. If you have any concerns about any part of the following please do not hesitate to contact us.

STAGE 1: Register Your Interest

If you are interested in a website please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you choose the most suitable package based on your requirements and should be able to quickly provide you with a quote.

STAGE 2: We Gather Information

After you have registered your interest with us we will ask you for information that will help us make a start on your website such as your preferred colour scheme and examples of other websites you like. This can be done either in person during a meeting at our premises or yours, or can be done by you filling in a contact form on our website that we will send you. If you already have text drafted out for your pages this is great and we would ask that you email this across to us together with any images you have.

STAGE 3: First Payment Due

Before we start work on your website we require that you pay 50% of the agreed price of your website. We will send you an invoice for this and once this has been paid we will be able to commence work on your website. (The remaining 50% is due when you are happy with the website and ready for it to go live.)

STAGE 4: Development Phase

We will aim to have the main home page ready to show you within 1 month and in most cases we will have a lot more than this to show you. We will liaise with you regularly during the development stage to ensure you are happy with how your website is looking.

STAGE 5: Launch & Future Updates

Once we have completed the development of your website and you are happy with it we will ask you to pay the remaining 50% of the agreed price. As soon as this is paid we will make the website live on your chosen domain.

We can provide you with a login to your website so that you can add content such as blog posts and products (if you have an e-commerce website). If you require a more substantial update making to your website you can contact us. The amount of time we spend updating your website depends on the package your are on.