If your question is not answered below, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our friendly team will be more than happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

We charge a one-off fee for the initial design and development of your website with prices starting at £800+VAT (50% is due upfront and 50% is due on completion). Please take a look at Our Prices for more information.

When your website goes live you will require ongoing hosting and support. Please see our Monthly Packages for more info.

No, there are no hidden costs. When you make an enquiry with us we will be as transparent and open as possible about our prices so that you are clear about the costs involved before you go ahead.

We aim to have your homepage finished and ready to show you within 1 month of you paying the first 50% payment and sending us the information we need to make a start. However, in most cases we work much quicker than this and can have the full website completed and live within a month. Our lead time largely depends on how much work we have on at the time, however we will aim to be completely transparent with you about this at all times and aim to give you realistic expectations about how quickly your website will be built.

All the websites we design use a content management system (CMS) called WordPress. WordPress is the most popular CMS platform and powers 40% of all websites on the web ranging from big multinational corporations to small local businesses.

No, although our main service is the design & development of affordable websites for local businesses in the Hull & East Yorkshire region we are happy to work with businesses outside this region as well.

A domain name is a unique address which points to your website such as www.getnoticedlocally.co.uk. We normally recommend that clients buy their own domain name from a website such as 123-Reg or GoDaddy just so that they have control/ownership of their domain name. However, if this is something you are not comfortable doing yourself, do let us know as we can buy and manage the domain for you and this is something we do for many of our clients.
If you already have a domain that you purchased elsewhere but would like us to manage it for you then we will be happy to arrange a transfer onto our account.
We are also happy to provide advice regarding the best domain to choose for your business, so if you don’t have an existing website for your business be sure to ask us about this!

Yes, there are 2 types of email accounts that we can set up for you.

(1) The first is a forwarding email which would simply forward emails sent to one email address to another email address. For example, you may want to set steve@yourdomain.co.uk to forward emails to steve123@gmail.com. We can set these up on your domain regardless of which of our monthly packages you choose.

(2) The other type of email account is an email inbox. This is an actual email account that you can log in to on multiple devices to read and reply to the emails sent to your email address such as steve@yourdomain.co.uk .The advantages of an email inbox is that it keeps everything organised and enables you to reply from the email address that the customer sent the email too, e.g. steve@yourdomain.co.uk . Email inboxes are included in our Business package (£40 per month).

You can easily change the content of any pages or posts on your web site. This is as easy as using Microsoft Word. For example you may want to change your prices, opening times or menu. You will be provided with login details which will allow you access to all of your pages online and we will provide you with details and support to make these changes. If you prefer to email or telephone any changes these will of course be dealt with promptly.

Yes, all the websites we build are built with SEO in mind at every step of the development process. We keep up to date with and implement all SEO best practices on our client’s websites to ensure they have the best possible chance of performing well on major search engines.

Yes, all the websites we design are fully responsive and work great on all devices.

Yes, all websites we make will have an SSL certificate.

No, you don’t need to do anything. We make sure to take regular backups of your website so should anything happen to your website you can rest assured that we will be able to restore it.

In some cases we will be able to make changes to your current website to improve it. However, we find it is usually much better to build a new website as this enables us to get everything right without being limited by the way your current website has been set up. This is particularly important for SEO as we build our websites with SEO in mind at every stage of the development. If there are aspects of your current website that you want to keep (such as pages and content etc) we will of course ensure that they are on your new site.

Yes we do. We can also add e-commerce functionality to your website at a later date if it is something you don’t require at first.