2nd Oct 2015

Adding E-commerce To Your Website

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If you are a business in Hull, East Yorkshire and you want to add e-commerce to your web site do get in touch.  We specialise in e-commerce and web design and can easily add an online shop to your current website.  If you are getting visitors to your website why not sell from your site as well. For example one of clients, Pixlocks who are a leading locksmith company delivering services to all of their customers in Hull and East Yorkshire – both d [...]

19th Jul 2015

Ask Us To Create You a Blog

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Here at Get Noticed Locally we provide a ‘blog’ or ‘latest news’ or ‘special offers’ or whatever you may decide to call this on your web site, free as part of our service to our customers who choose our web site design and hosting company in Hull and East Yorkshire. A blog displaying your latest news is great for your customers but even better for search engines such as Google, Bing etc. We can ensure that changes to your blog appear on your main [...]

9th Mar 2015

We use Title and Meta Descriptions on Every Page of Our Customers’ Websites

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Search engines such as Google no longer use meta tags and keywords as their main search index.  Google prefers content and title and meta descriptions.  If you already have a web site that is under performing in search engines it is more than likely that your site is optimised for keywords and meta tags and not content. At Get Noticed Locally we will ensure that any site designed by us has the appropriate content, as the most important aspect of [...]

30th Nov 2014

Is The Price List/Menu on Your Web Site Easy to Edit?

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Good web site designers will be able to add a price list to your business web site. This might be a menu, services etc. They often do this by uploading a pdf or other out dated document that users have to download from the web site. Changing this can be costly, difficult and time consuming. Less good web site design companies just add your price list to your site and you have no way of changing this, therefore potentially causing damage to your b [...]

7th Nov 2014

Local Companies in Hull and East Yorkshire should use Google My Business

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If your business, like our web design company, is primarily aimed at local customers, such as Hull and East Yorkshire, you really should sign up for Google My Business. Google My Business will really help your local customers find you on Google especially if they are using smartphones, tablets or are signed into Google – and most of your customers will be. You may have noticed that if you have already signed up for Google Places for Business that [...]

6th Nov 2014

Google Adwords Can Get Your Website on Page 1 of Google

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We know that all new businesses in Hull and East Yorkshire want their website on the first page of Google straight away, especially above their competitors. However, this process will normally only happen gradually over a period of months. In fact, when the particular keywords you want to place high on Google are very competitive, your climb to the top of Google can even take years. When developing websites we make sure to follow all best the pra [...]

4th Nov 2014

We Can Help You With Facebook, Twitter and Other Social Media in Hull and East Yorkshire

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As well as developing affordable, attractive, responsive and SEO business web sites we also provide social media services to our business clients in Hull and East Yorkshire. If you would like help with your social media such as Facebook pages, Twitter, Instagram and so on, do get in touch. We currently help at least 30 local businesses (and growing in Hull and East Yorkshire) with their social media campaigns.  This involves as little as setting [...]

20th Aug 2014

Get Good Customer Testimonials For Your Website

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Testimonials are evidence that you actually have customers in Hull and East Yorkshire and that they are happy and satisfied customers. Testimonials are the ‘written word of mouth’. And all good businesses know that word of mouth is without doubt the best form of advertising. When a product or service comes recommended the buyer feels increased confidence and so takes a step closer to buying it. For example, if you are searching testimonials for a [...]

8th Aug 2014

Check out your Web Design Company Portfolio before hiring them

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Portfolios are a great way of checking out what a genuine web design company is really producing for real businesses. It is easy for a web design company to put together a super, shiny, snazzy web site which looks great, but do investigate on their portfolio page (often worded as other work we have done or something similar) to see if their work for their customers is as good as they suggest. A good web design company will clearly show you their [...]

4th Apr 2014

Does Your Website Look Good on a Range of Devices?

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All of our web sites are responsive web designed.  This means that they are designed to work across a range of devices such as smart phones, tablets and desktop computers. It is obvious that any web design company should do this but many do not. If you want a responsive design do contact us as all of our web sites work well on smart phones, tablets and desktops. [...]