Search engines such as Google no longer use meta tags and keywords as their main search index.  Google prefers content and title and meta descriptions.  If you already have a web site that is under performing in search engines it is more than likely that your site is optimised for keywords and meta tags and not content.

At Get Noticed Locally we will ensure that any site designed by us has the appropriate content, as the most important aspect of SEO is your website’s content.   We will make sure that you have clear content that is well written for your users and as experienced copywriters we can help you with this.

Importantly we will also guarantee that all of your pages on your website are appropriately titled for Google and other search engines as well having the appropriate meta description of what your users can expect to see on that page. Your website’s meta descriptions will contain the limited number of characters needed by Google to properly index your site and this is the description that Google will use and need when searching for your site.

And of course all of our sites are submitted to Google via their webmaster tools and because each page is optimised for content via page titles and meta descriptions all of the web sites designed by us for our customers will perform well on Google.