Good web site designers will be able to add a price list to your business web site. This might be a menu, services etc. They often do this by uploading a pdf or other out dated document that users have to download from the web site. Changing this can be costly, difficult and time consuming.

Less good web site design companies just add your price list to your site and you have no way of changing this, therefore potentially causing damage to your business.

We are very good, local, based in Hull, East Yorkshire,  and add price lists that are attractive and easy to edit. Because we are charging you monthly we work with your local business to keep up to date with your menus and price lists.

Our business clients can edit the menus and prices themselves or just send us an email or even send us a copy of their menu for us to quickly change prices, services or products.

For example, Le Crepier Papin has an easy to edit lunch and main menu and even an up to date Christmas menu.

If you would like more information about keeping your web site up-to-date in Hull and East Yorkshire do get in touch.