If you request web design quotes from multiple companies in the Hull and East Yorkshire region, you may find the quotes vary in price a great deal. To help you understand why the quotes may vary so much let us first consider what is included in a web design quote. There are usually 2 elements to any web design quote:

(1) The upfront development cost: This is the fee charged to design and develop your new website.

(2) The ongoing cost: This is an amount paid either monthly or annually and can include a variety of things such as website hosting, domain renewal, email hosting/management and support time.

The majority of web design companies in Hull and East Yorkshire charge a large upfront fee (usually thousands of pounds) for the design and development of your new website. When the website is live you will likely have to pay them an annual fee to host the website (or could opt to manage the hosting yourself for free) and then any changes you required making to the website would likely be charged extra, on an expensive hourly basis.

Here at Get Noticed Locally our approach is to charge a very affordable amount for the design and development of your website. For a standard business website this is usually £600. We ask that 50% is paid upfront before we start work as a commitment from yourselves so that we can add your website to our queue of jobs. The final 50% is due when we have completed the website and you are happy for it to go live. When the website is up and running you will pay a monthly fee of either £20 or £40 depending on which of our packages you require.

What Do You Get With Get Noticed Locally?

For £600 we will design and develop a professional, bespoke website for your business which is SEO optimised (so that it ranks well on major search engines such as Google Search) and features effective calls to action so that potential customers contact your business. While our fees are much more affordable than many of our competitors please do not interpret this to mean that you will get an inferior product. We take great pride in our work and you can see the quality of the websites we build by viewing our portfolio.

Our £40 monthly package gives you peace of mind of the following:

  • You will receive ongoing support should you need any updates making to your website. We are a local Hull and East Yorkshire company and you can rest assured we are only a phone call or email away. We pride ourselves on offering a high level of customer support.
  • Your website will be hosted on superfast, highly-reliable WordPress specific hosting. This means that the website will load quickly for all visitors giving them a great user experience. Website loading speed is also a factor in Google’s ranking algorithm so the fast hosting will contribute to your website’s ranking on Google Search.
  • Your website will receive automatic updates to the software (WordPress core, plugins and themes) which ensures your website remains highly secure and much less likely to be victim of a hack or other exploit.
  • Your website will have an SSL certificate (meaning it loads on https://) and this is automatically renewed on an ongoing basis.
  • Your website will have live contact forms which potential customers can fill in meaning you should receive regular enquiries for your services in your email. You also get the benefit of the spam protection service we subscribe to which greatly reduces the amount of spam you would otherwise receive through your website.
  • We will take regular backups of your website so that in a worst case scenario your website can be quickly restored.

Manageable Monthly Payments for a Professional Website

We are a small business who enjoy working with other small businesses in the Hull and East Yorkshire region. We understand that cash flow is a very important factor for all small businesses and that is why we adopted a business model that spreads the cost of a website into much more affordable and manageable payments. If, for example, we quoted you £600 for a website and £40 per month, the payments would likely be spread as follows:

Month 1: you pay 50% (£300) upfront so that we can start work on the website.

Month 2: you pay the remaining 50% (£300) when you are happy for website to go live.

Month 3 & onwards: you pay £40 per month.

As you can see in this example, the most you have to pay in a single calendar month is £300, a very manageable amount when you consider other web design companies would likely require payments in the thousands.

It is a business model widely used in other industries including the mobile phone and car industries. For example, most people buying mobile phones and cars nowadays opt to pay a relatively small upfront payment and spread the rest of the cost as monthly payments.

Our customers are free to cancel their website at anytime to stop their monthly payments, however we are confident in the level of service we offer and it is rare that we lose a customer in this way. The majority of our customers find that because their website ranks well on Google it generates a lot of enquiries/work for them and the £40/mo cost of the website is more than covered by the additional revenue it brings in.

You may find that many of our competitors who charge a large fee for the design and development of the website become much less invested in your business after completing the website build. Asking them for a simple update to your website 6 months down the line could be expensive with a slow turnaround time.

At Get Noticed Locally we take great satisfaction in offering a quality service to our customers and seeing their businesses flourish with a new website. For a small monthly fee, as described in this blog post, you can rest assured that we will take care of everything on your website leaving you free to focus your time where it matters… running your business. For more information about our web design services, or to request a free no-obligation quotation, please don’t hesitate to contact us.