Hull Web Design Project: Wild Intervention are a committed team providing comprehensive support to children and young people. They recognise the unique needs of every young person, promoting growth and independence through tailored services.

In crafting the new website for Wild Intervention, our team began by drawing inspiration from the company’s existing logo. The logo became the source of our colour palette, and we decided to use three main colours for the site: Light Green, Dark Green, and a Mustard Yellow.

The site imagery was another crucial aspect. We used an array of stock photos featuring young teens, support workers, and satisfied service users to create an inviting and relatable visual experience. A bold title font was paired with a regular text font of 400 weight, delivering a balance of emphasis and readability.

To harmonise with the logo’s design, a rounded theme was adopted for the site’s icons, buttons, and other design elements. Each component, right down to the border radius, was carefully considered to ensure it aligned with the overall theme.

Our primary user demographic was young teens, aged 16 and above, in the East Yorkshire area. With this audience in mind, the website’s objective was to facilitate service bookings and provide relevant information. Thus, “Book Now” became our main call to action.

To further streamline the user experience, a dropdown was added to the main menu. This feature showcased a list of services, each linked to a corresponding page with comprehensive information and a call to action. Individual pages were created for all the services offered, ensuring a targeted browsing experience.

Taking SEO into account, custom meta titles and meta descriptions were added to all vital pages, including the homepage. We also incorporated the optimal number of keywords on each page, boosting their performance for associated search terms. The inclusion of these keywords in headings and page titles was particularly significant.

We built the site using WordPress/CMS, ensuring adaptability and ease of use. With the rising use of smartphones, we ensured the website is mobile responsive, providing a seamless browsing experience across different devices. This carefully crafted design allows Wild Intervention to connect with its audience efficiently, driving bookings, and bolstering its digital presence.

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