Hull Web Design Project: New Look Loans are a Hull car finance broker who are able to arrange vehicle finance for a wide range of customers, including those who have a history of poor credit. They tailor credit for all of our customers based upon their circumstances.

At the outset of the web design project, we used the logo provided by “New Look Loans” to establish a vibrant colour scheme for the website, employing a zesty orange and an electric blue. This visually striking choice lent the website a professional yet approachable aura, striking the perfect balance between exciting and trustworthy.

Understanding the need to visually convey the firm’s offerings and their impact, we peppered the website with an assortment of stock images. These included a diverse range of vehicles, representing the wide choice available to prospective buyers, and images of satisfied customers, evoking the pleasure and peace of mind that comes with finding the right finance solution.

Typography was a key aspect of our design strategy. We selected a pair of harmonious fonts from Google Fonts, one for titles and another for body text. The former was chosen for its bold and authoritative nature, ideal for headings, while the latter, a more understated and easily readable font, was perfect for the more detailed text.

One key design theme that ran through the site was the use of rounded edges for icons, buttons, and various design elements, fostering a sense of continuity and visual harmony. A border radius was applied to many design elements, further emphasising this rounded theme.

The target user base for the site comprised individuals looking to purchase a new vehicle but preferring to explore finance options rather than pay the full price upfront. Therefore, the site was constructed with the primary aim to facilitate loan applications and provide useful, comprehensive information about the finance options available.

The principal call-to-action was a prominent “Apply Now” button. To enhance user experience and site navigation, a dropdown was created on the main menu, listing all available finance options and linking to their respective information pages. Each finance option had a dedicated page, featuring detailed information and a clear call-to-action.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) was a critical consideration during the site build. Each crucial page, including the homepage, was enhanced with custom meta titles and descriptions. The optimal amount of keywords was incorporated into each page to ensure the site performed well for search terms associated with the finance options. The main keywords were thoughtfully included in headings and page titles, boosting the site’s visibility and ranking in search engine results.

The site was built using the WordPress CMS, which is renowned for its flexibility and user-friendly interface. Moreover, the site was designed to be mobile responsive, ensuring ease of navigation and accessibility for users on mobile devices. This ensured the website delivered a seamless user experience across all devices, meeting the evolving digital habits of the target audience.

The project resulted in a site that not only met the needs of the client but also served its customers more effectively by making financing options accessible and understandable.

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