Having a Facebook page for your business is a good start, but it’s not enough. Here are some reasons why your business needs more than just a Facebook page to get noticed locally:

  • Design Limitations. When it comes to the design of your Facebook page, the only images you can change are the logo and cover picture which have set dimensions. As a result your Facebook page looks very similar to the millions of other businesses who have a Facebook page. It is hard to make your business stand out from the competition with just a Facebook page.
  • Position in Google. Facebook gives you no control over the SEO of your page which means you are unable to optimise it for search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. With a website you have full control over the SEO (which we will do for you) and as a result websites generally perform a lot better in Google than Facebook pages do.
  • Presenting information. When potential customers go to your Facebook page they cannot see a list of the products/services you offer and their prices. Information such as this is easily presented on a website.
  • Negative image. If your Facebook page only has a few “likes” then this can create a bad image for your business and give potential customers the impression your business is unpopular and doesn’t have many existing customers. Similarly if your facebook page is not updated regularly it will look outdated and therefore unpopular.
  • Usage. Not everyone uses Facebook, in fact the latest reports suggest it is actually in decline compared to other social media platforms such as Twitter.
  • Competitor Adverts. You have zero control over what adverts appear on the sidebar of your Facebook page. It is possible that if one of your competitors is advertising on Facebook that their advert appears in the sidebar on YOUR page. Our websites have no adverts on them so there is no risk of a competitor taking away your customers.

At Get Noticed Locally we can help you set up a Facebook page and integrate it into your new website.