If you have a real shop in Hull and East Yorkshire rather than an online shop, with products to sell you should consider click and collect.

Click and Collect simply means that shoppers can order the product online from your website and then collect the product from your store.

Click and collect has a number of advantages over online shopping.   Customers can shop online as usual, adding items to the trolley, proceeding to checkout when done and instead of paying with a credit card and choosing postage options they can simply click and collect and pick up the products from your store.

Your customer will not be charged for postage and this also prevents the hassles of missed home delivery.  And of course you have your customers in your shop where they might be tempted to buy more.

Click and Collect is a great service that we can offer on any websites that we build which enables your customers to order and pay for your goods in your shop without having to pay extra for home delivery.

If you would like to know more about whether click and collect would work for your business do contact us.