For over 30 years, care homes around the UK have been enjoying Carechair’s beautiful, practical and high quality care home furniture. When you order from Carechair, you can rest assured that all their components, fabrics and craftsmanship will stand the test of time. That’s why care home operators around the country keep going back to Carechair.

Creating a digital home for Carechair, a care home furniture company in the UK, was a project focused on capturing the brand’s unique blend of comfort and quality while catering to the needs of a specific audience.

We commenced the project with the company’s logo, utilising it as a foundation to establish the colours for the website. The selected hues were a cool grey-blue and a clean white, chosen for their ability to impart a sense of tranquility and professionalism.

For the visual elements of the site, we carefully curated a combination of stock images and client-provided photographs. These showcased the range of care home furniture in various healthcare environments, embodying the comfort and durability essential to the brand’s reputation.

When it came to typography, we opted for modern and easy-to-read fonts from the Google Fonts library. The selected fonts had a light and clean feel, aligning well with the overall design ethos of simplicity and clarity.

In crafting the website’s overall look, we established a boxed theme throughout. Icons, buttons, and other design elements adhered to this concept, favouring straight lines and angles over rounded edges, further reinforcing the clean and professional atmosphere of the site.

Targeted at individuals and organisations seeking high-quality furniture for care homes and other healthcare environments, the website was designed to facilitate enquiries and provide extensive information. With “Enquire Now” as the main call to action, the site encourages user interaction and engagement.

A dropdown menu in the main navigation presents a comprehensive list of furniture options. Each option leads to a dedicated page that showcases a range of products, accompanied by detailed information and a clear call to action.

Recognising the significance of search engine optimisation, we integrated custom meta titles and descriptions into all major pages, including the homepage. We also incorporated an optimal number of keywords within individual pages to improve their performance for related search terms. This included placing significant keywords in headings and page titles.

Built on WordPress CMS, the website offers a robust and user-friendly platform for content management. Its mobile-responsive design ensures that it is easily navigated on phones, providing an optimal user experience across all devices.

This project has delivered a sleek, professional, and functional online presence for Carechair. Their new website effectively communicates the company’s offerings and values, ultimately bolstering their ability to attract, engage, and serve their target customers.

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