Project Description

Hull Web Design Project: Carrie Swain is a clinical hypnotherapist based in Hull, East Yorkshire. She offers a wide range of hypnotherapy services and holistic healthcare therapies.

Carrie had previously worked with lots of different web design companies and had had various websites built over the years, however she had never really seen a good return on the investment she made in her websites. When she approached us regarding our services, her current website was ranking very poorly on Google. As an example, for her main keywords such as “hypnotherapy hull” and “hypnotherapist hull” she was ranked on page 6. Being ranked so poorly on Google meant she received very little traffic from people searching for her services. We saw this as a huge opportunity for us to improve Carrie’s ranking on Google and increase the website traffic and number of enquiries she received.

Update March 2021: 5 weeks after launching Carrie’s new website, she had climbed from page 6 to page 1 of Google for her main keywords “hypnotherapy hull” and “hypnotherapist hull”.

The brand new website we designed for Carrie features modern fonts, icons and full-width images. Carrie had previously had a professional photo shoot done and had some great high-resolution images which we used on the new website. The colours on her old website were quite bland so it was decided to use a new peach and eggplant colour scheme which gave the new website a much more modern feel without being excessively bright. The new colour scheme also works really well with the photos of Carrie on the website as these images feature a lot of peach colour.

We kept all the same content and page URLs from the old website as this was important for SEO reasons. However we made the website much easier to navigate by using a megamenu (which displays when you hover over “Services” on the navigation) to list her wide range of services. The website features many prominent call-to-actions so that a visitor on the website can easily contact Carrie. This includes an ‘Enquire Now’ link on the navigation which is displayed as a button to make it really stand out. The website features a sticky menu when viewed on desktop which means that this ‘Enquire Now’ button is always visible even as the visitor scrolls down the page. We are confident that the good use of call-to-action on the new website will generate a lot more enquiries for Carrie.

Carrie’s new website is fully SEO optimised and we expect it to quickly climb up Google Search. Every page on the website has an optimised meta title & description (with good use of keywords such as the services offered and location) as well as optimised H1, H2 & H3 headings.

We also set up and manage Carrie’s Google Ads PPC (pay-per-click) campaign. This means that an advert for her website displays at the top of Google Search when people search for related keywords (such as “hypnotherapy hull”) and this generates more traffic for the website.